venerdì 31 dicembre 2010

McLaren Holon graduation project intro

Current Year 2020 d.C.
In this new eco-orientated world, nature is mixed with technology to cooperate and encrease advantages.
McLaren returns to innovate once more the automotive world with Holon, a low shaped and aggressive, high-performance hybrid SUV for all occasions.
Holon explores nature in its own shapes and dynamics to create an eco-synergetic vehicle that takes benefits by forces of nature such as wind and gravity: using aerobakes, placed on the roof top and on the wheels, that are employed as steering assistance aswell. And by using piezoelectric actuators in the subspensions to create clean energy.
Holon is composed by a carbon-fiber monocoque coverd with a shell made of sintherized materials that permit a fading between transparent glass materials, matte body surfaces and flexible areas for the inverse dihydral door openings.
On the inside Holon takes advantage of the A.R.S (Augmented Relity System) to give the driver a more intuitive and exiting drive experience.

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